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Getting More Out of Fohr Card

We're often asked by influencers, how do I make sure I'm getting the most out of my Fohr Card profile and putting my best foot forward? There is a lot more to Fohr Card than just finding out your rank, here are nine things you can do today to make you Fohr Card Profile work harder for you; 

  • Get connected – Be sure to connect all of the social platforms you’re posting to. This helps give an accurate indication of your reach, and allows you to track your growth.
  • Stay connected – API links expire every six months, be sure to check back in and re-allow your Fohr Card access.
  • Stay updated. Once your page is created, continue to populate it with your most recent press and brand work links.
  •  Make gifting easier – You can privately add your mailing address for Fohr Card administration access. This helps in our campaign mail outs.
  • Birthday- You can also add your birth date to your account to assist in selection in campaign briefs based on age demographics.
  •  Pitch yourself - Stay up to date with our new client adds, and updated Brand Card opportunities. Message those brands you’re interested in working with.
  • Never update a press kit again – Fohr Card allows influencers a private link to your Fohr Card profile that you can provide to those brands who do not (yet) have a Fohr Card subscription. Your private link can be found above your Fohr Card profile. 
  • Utilize Fohr Card Search – The Fohr Card community content is now searchable which allows you to search for brand terms, and influencer names. Here, you can see who in the community has spoken about this term.
  • Follow us on Twitter – No list would be complete without a little self promotion. 

Find the Right Influencer with the Fohr Card Team

Find the Right Influencer with the Fohr Card Team

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